I have bought and sold many homes in the Bay Area over the years, and thus have dealt with many realtors. I would recommend Alicia Sanguinetti above all others, without hesitation. She is responsive, dedicated, and works extremely hard on behalf of her clients. From research to staging to advertising to sale, Alicia is there every step of the way and takes care of every detail.

Beth K

Working with Alicia to find a home, we quickly came to realize that Alicia was very well connected and regarded within the Burlingame realtor community. We came to appreciate and observe her relationships first hand as she always seemed to know what was going on in the market, in several occasions alerting us to “off-market” homes for sale. When we did find our home, Alicia worked quickly and assertively to get an offer put together. 

 Even post sale, Alicia has continued to be a huge help by providing us with referrals for the myriad of house projects we now have.  Each of those referrals has been great and responded with a similar refrain of, “Happy to help.  I’d do anything for Alicia.”

Joel C.

My fiance and I were looking to buy a home in Burlingame, Alicia was so helpful, with very little inventory on the market she was able to show us homes outside of our box, that would still fit our needs. She helped us through our construction by recommending the most amazing sub contractors. Alicia always responded to our calls and foresaw so many things we did not even think of. I could continue but I highly recommend her if you are looking for a home.

Kimberly K.

I chose Alicia to sell my home about 2 years ago and can't tell you how pleased I was with her work. Not only was she professional, thorough and well prepared, she sold my home in less than 10 days in a not-so-hot real estate market.

Although I don't consider my home to have been a "high-end" listing, the respect and attention to detail that she extended to me was as if I had a multi-million dollar property. The biggest compliment to Alicia was the fact that several (3-4) local realtors contacted me directly to let me know what a great job she was doing representing my property. To me, that said it all!

Lisa B.

My family worked with Alicia on an an exchange of homes. The timing of the sale was volatile, while the sellers of our new home were anxious to relocate. Alicia brought market clarity to purchase price and the market conditions. She facilitated all of the hurdles on our old home's sale, while comforting the sellers of our new home. We firmly believe that Alicia's confidence prevented us from a situation where we surrendered our bargaining power. We felt Alicia was expert in the real potential for our new home and neighborhood. She seemed to possess not only a micro perspective but a macro one as well. We had to ask Alicia numerous tax and financing questions that made us more financially sophisticated and made an emotional move, seamless.

Lou B